The Camel Estuary between Padstow and Rock in Cornwall contains many sandbars that come and go very rapidly with the incoming and outgoing tides near the Bristol Channel (which has the second highest tidal range in the world). At low tide it can almost look like you could paddle across between the sandbars though in reality some of the channels are deep and the currents strong. The sea and sand are a very attractive colour here and the area is very popular with holidaymakers. I will admit to this shot being a lucky snap rather than a planned shot. We were sitting in an open air café above the harbour on this sunny afternoon when I spotted this boat beached on a sandbar; I was fortunately able to get a good composition with the curve of the orange sands against the turquoise of the river from my seat. Amazingly, within five minutes of this shot being taken the boat was afloat again, such is the speed of the incoming tide.