Pashupatinath Temple at Deopatan in the Kathmandu Valley is one of Hinduism's most important Shiva temples. It lies on the banks of the sacred Bagmati River and it is also Nepal's main cremation site. Holy men (saddhus), locals, pilgrims and tourists throng the site, and wherever there are large groups of people on the Indian subcontinent, Rhesus Macaques are likely to be found. Rhesus Macaques are not very loveable creatures; they are vicious and aggressive and dominant males think nothing of attacking humans for food they are eating or carrying. Extremely opportunistic, they carefully survey a scene waiting for the right moment to make a raid for food or some other object that excites their interest. This individual was sitting watching a group of people when I captured him, biding his time, and no doubt formulating his strategy for a raid.